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Warriors Tattoo Design That Can Make You Look Like A Warrior

warriors tattoo design

Tattoos are made to show inner strength or as a link to one’s aspirations. Among many tattoo ideas, warrior tattoo design is one standard design that both males and females want. When it comes to warrior tattoos, we can say that their design has several meanings. Its meaning depends on the origin of the warrior, traits represented, and also artistic style. Protection, power, inner strength, feminism, Christianity, cultural heritage, virility, bravery, pride are some common meanings of warriors tattoo design. In this article, the importance and variation of Warriors tattoos are discussed.

Warriors Tattoo Design Importance

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The design of warriors’ tattoos holds different importance for different people. Warriors tattoo design has many interpretations and is one of the most corporal types. These designs depict strength and power. Apart from this, an individual can possess different meanings to this tattoo.

Variations In Warriors Tattoo Design

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There are many variations in Warrior tattoo design. You can also personalize these variations according to your needs and desires. Different kinds of warrior tattoo include:

1. Female warrior tattoo

This tattoo represents female power and strength, and it is for both men and women. This tattoo shows your respect for femininity. You can choose a female warrior of your tradition as a tattoo.

2. Samoan warrior tattoo

This tattoo is unique in design. It does not show any warrior or its weapon. This tattoo is often made on the left side of the upper arm to incorporate the heart. They have intricate patterns of abstract or symbolic forms like Ankara, which is often inked in black.

3. Christian warrior tattoo

It is a perfect way to express your spirituality and commitment to fight for what you believe in by having a Christian warrior tattoo. This tattoo is made in remembrance of a soldier who fought for the glory of Christian belief.

More Warriors Tattoo Design

4. Samurai warrior tattoo

Samurai warrior tattoos reflect the warrior’s culture and history. It is a great way to show your affiliation if you admire Japanese history and culture. This tattoo shows samurai with their sword, which is often stained with blood. You can personalize it by making the face of your admired samurai.

5. Roman warrior tattoo

The Roman warriors are among the most prominent warriors in history. They played a famous role in ancient battles and wars. You must include a helmet in your tattoo design because only this can represent the roman warrior tattoo. For personalizing, you can add words such as Veni Vidi vici.


The warriors tattoo design can display a person’s readiness to struggle for the reasons they affirm, protect, or believe, and struggle without hesitation. Tattoos are a great way to show your inner faith. Trying a tattoo design is not a big change but it has to be meaningful. Some people do not give much emphasis on the symbol but only focus on the letters. But when you go for a warrior tattoo design, the symbols mean a lot. Also, this will be very much suitable for people who would like to have meaningful tattoos on them and the ones that reveal their strength.

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