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Types of Flowers Tattoo Designs Come in Different Styles and Designs

types of flowers tattoo

Are you looking for different types of flowers tattoo? I am sure you must have visited some tattoo parlors and asked if they have that specific flower design you are looking for. Most of them do have such tattoo designs but it may not be the exact one you are looking for. There are several types of flowers to choose from. These are the types of flowers tattoo commonly seen on the body.

Popular Choices Of Tattoo

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Dragonfly is among the popular choices of tattoo. It is one of the classic designs that always goes well with the feminine touch. It represents purity and loyalty and is known for its being associated with women. Dragonfly image is the second most popular choice of popular flowers shoulder designs. It symbolizes happiness in life.

Roses are another top favorite among women. It may come as a single bunch of roses or in a group of two or more red roses. The white rose represents purity while the pink rose signifies love. You can also have a combination of these like having a white rose with a pink heart or vice versa. It is actually one of the most popular flower tattoos designs.


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Sunflowers are another option of flower tattoo designs come in many forms. Some of the most common flower shoulder tattoo designs come as sunflower, hibiscus, daisy and petunia. It can be combined with other tattoo designs such as Celtic cross, butterflies, flowers, hearts, angels, dragons, and many more. To me, sunflowers are truly sweet.

Daisies are another popular choice for flower hand tattoo design. This is because it always moves and changes. It could be very simple daisy with no other detail or it can be huge, almost flower-like daisies that resemble a blooming flower. It could be in the round, rectangle and even other odd shapes. It is good to have different sizes so it can always change depending on the outfit you’re wearing.

Sunflower Stem 

Sunflowers also makes great tattoo designs. It is pretty and sweet and it’s very easy to make. All you need is basic tattoo artist skills and equipment. Just some sunflower seeds, sunflower necklaces and sunflower stem are enough to complete your design. Women also opt for these types of flowers tattoo designs because they are so delicate and sweet looking just from looking at them.

Combination of these types of tattoo designs are very common and is already very common in tattoos. One example of this is cherry blossoms and butterflies. If you want, you can combine it with lilies, calla lilies and danglers. You can have this as a single piece of body art or you can add more of them to your body tattoo design. Another combination is sunflower and lily pad, which look like a lily pad with a sunflower on the top.


Among flower designs, the lily has been among the favorite choices for women. This is because it symbolizes beauty and femininity. In Asia, the lily is known for its beauty. If you are an Asian woman, you might want to get one inked on your shoulder. There are a lot of flower hand tattoo designs you can choose from and this will definitely make you stand out among other women.

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