Top Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Women And Men -

Top Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Women And Men

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Forearm tattoo ideas have long been a premier area for men’s body art ideas and implementation. The forearms, or arm pits, are generally reserved for the most impressive, bright, and generally very symbolic designs most tattoo enthusiasts seek to have inked into their skin, whether they have a need for full coverage or partial concealment. Men’s forearm tattoo ideas typically center around a classic biker design. However, since biker culture is a bit of a backlash against mainstream masculinity, the design possibilities are just as much a biker’s concerns as they are the women who have a tendency towards the “bad boy” look. After all, who said you had to be a biker to have a great forearm tattoo idea?

An Overview

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Some of the most popular forearm tattoo ideas tend toward symbols of spirituality, nature, or even nationalistic pride. A great example is the American flag. Some will get an olive green color, some a solid black, others combine the two colors for a unique color that no one will think twice about being inked with. Other favorite symbols for people to have inked on their arms are skulls, dragons, eagles, and the tridents of the Chinese Zodiac. You could also opt for symbols such as hearts, stars, or tribal patterns. These are all excellent choices if you want to have a unique design on your arm.

When it comes to the forearms, the possibilities seem to be endless for forearm tattoo ideas. You have the option of going for a small, simple tattoo design. Some men decide on a symbol representing a lifelong commitment to a cause they believe in, such as their love of country or their love of their family. If you feel strongly about a particular theme, it might be best to have the tattoo artist make it a part of your overall body artwork.

Men Tattoos

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Men who decide to get a tattoo design in this area may get something simple, such as an eagle or lioness with wings outstretched. You can also choose from numerous different forearm tattoo designs such as hearts, stars, butterflies, or tribal patterns. Men tend to have more bold and masculine tattoos and may get a bit edgy, so it is a good idea to experiment with different styles until you find one you really love.

Women are often choosing more feminine designs for their ink. There are plenty of ideas available for women. Some of the more popular forearm tattoo designs for women include fairies, angels, roses, and angels. You can also get inked with Celtic and tribal symbols for very elegant looking forearm designs.

Popular Choice

One popular choice for a woman’s lion tattoo is the Greek lion symbol. The lion symbolizes many things, but most people use it to mean power and strength. If you are going for a more feminine design, consider getting one that incorporates flowers or jewelry to match the lion image. For example, a small rose might be placed diagonally along the base of the lion, which would create a very beautiful and elegant flower tattoo. It is definitely unique and will make you stand out in a crowd.

Men often opt for more masculine tattoo designs. Many men opt for tribal or Celtic art because they look more masculine. Men have traditionally chosen to get tattoos on biceps, the back of the neck, and the forearm. Nowadays, many people are opting for designs that look like badges or pins. These tattoos look like badges or pins, but they are actually embedded in your skin. When you wear a pin you are essentially wearing a tattoo!


These are some of the best forearm tattoos for both men and women. Find a design that is uniquely you or that makes you feel good about who you are. Remember, the placement of your tattoo is going to be crucial to how it looks and what it says about you. If you have any questions about what type of forearm tattoos for women you should be looking at, make sure to ask a professional tattoo artist before you get a tattoo. Tattoos are for life, so don’t take the decision lightly. Make sure it is something that you will be proud to show off for years to come.

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