The Great Heart Tattoo Designs

heart tattoo design

Heart tattoo design is considered the most popular tattoo. The most common tattoo designs of hearts are the Cupid’s arrow inked on the skin. When you have a heart tattoo it symbolizes the undying love for another person. The heart tattoo also symbolizes both men and women.

The heart tattoo is also used as a mark of devotion. A heart is known to be a symbol of eternity and everlastingness. If you will be tattooing your body, you should look for a design that would represent what you stand for. You may also want to choose a design that expresses what you want to accomplish in life. You can go for a heart and wings, angels, stars, roses and more.

Heart and wings are two popular tattoo designs, as it represents a union between two people. When we are young, the heart is the symbol of life and youth and we tend to love them more. When we are old, the heart is the symbol of a lifetime and a great career. The heart and wings tattoo are good to be on the arm or the ankle because it doesn’t take up much space and still is very visible.

Angel tattoos are a popular choice for tattoo design because they represent peace and purity. You may also want to get a tattoo of stars for the same purpose. Star and heart are also good to have on the ankle or the wrist, since the tattoo can be removed anytime you want.

Men Tattoos

The heart tattoo is also great for men. It can have a small heart, which symbolizes a small heart, or one with a big heart, which symbolizes a big heart. The heart is also commonly used for marking important moments in one’s life. You can have a heart-shaped tattoo, which is popular among the people who went to war, and those who have lost friends. You could also use a heart for those who are born on a Saturday and also for those who will be married soon.

The most famous heart tattoo design is the Celtic cross. This tattoo can have a heart pierced through it can have the heart placed in the middle of it. Some people prefer to place a symbol or an image in the middle of the heart to show their devotion towards a particular religion,one or god. When a person has a Celtic cross tattoo, he/she could either choose to have the Christian cross, the Jewish one or a Celtic cross and the Buddhist one. Celtic crosses design to be very powerful symbols and have spiritual significance.

Japanese Designs

A sign lit up at night

The Japanese tattoo symbol is also one of the most popular heart tattoo designs. If you want to look more elegant and classy, then you can go for a design made by a Japanese artist. There are different kinds of these tattoos and you can choose from the cherry blossom, tribal and many others. The Japanese have always been one of the world’s admired tattoo artists and so are known for creating beautiful tattoos that depict their culture and tradition.

Another tattoo that is quite unique and is considered one of the most beautiful tattoos is the heart symbol. It has long and straight lines in it. Thibutterfly’st to be placed on a woman’s lower back.

Butterfly Tattoos With Heart

If you want tattoo designs that are a little bit less intricate, then you can go for the butterflies tattoo designs. These tattoo designs have beautiful colors and very creative. These tattoo designs are ideal for women who wish to show their femininity through their tattoos. They can have flowers or butterflies with heart tattoo designs on the upper portion of the back, and other places of the body as well.

Some tattoo designs also include a dragon and also the Celtic symbol. A lot of people have found these two tattoos very beautiful and appealing to their allowed Celtic cross has also gained much popularity in the past years. This tattoo symbolizes the love of the Celtic culture. It has long flowing and graceful lines that could make any woman very proud of having this tattoo.


These tattoo designs are very versatile and can easily fit into any type of skin and size. These are also very good options for those who don’t want to get a huge and complicated tattoo. They can also choose the tattoo designs that will be easy to remove in the future.

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