The Best of the Butterflies - Tattoos of All Types -

The Best of the Butterflies – Tattoos of All Types

traditional tattoo types

One of the most common and traditional tattoo styles is the butterfly. The simple design, which can be flaunted in a range of different colors and sizes, is a popular choice among women who desire a small tattoo that they can wear on their necks or foreheads. But it’s not just women who choose butterfly tattoo designs. There are lots of men who have them as well.

Types Of Tattoos To Get From Local Tattoo Artists

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Some traditional tattoo types are best suited for local tattoo artists rather than going to the spa or salon to get them done. If you know someone who lives near you or has access to a good tattoo parlor, ask if they would be willing to tattoo you. Ask if they would do a custom design, as opposed to just doing something off the rack that might not come out as good as you had hoped. Getting a tattoo at a tattoo studio can be a bit of an experience, and tattooists will often recommend going there instead.

Another one of the more traditional tattoo types is the tattoo design consisting of two or more colored coils that are placed over a paper or skin foundation. Typically, these are done with metallic ink that has been applied with a stencil, rather than with traditional tattoo ink. These kinds of tattoo designs can take some getting used to, but the results are definitely worth it. It might also be a good idea to try these out before going to the spa or salon, as it makes the experience a little more personal. Many times, these are the types of tattoo designs that are favored by men.

Gears And Wheels Are Also Popular Among Men

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Gear tattoos are a style that looks like gears and wheels are woven together. There is a lot of history in this type of tattoo design, going back to ancient times. The ancient Romans often had intricate designs on their faces, as did the Chinese. Nowadays, Gears and Wheels are still quite popular in terms of men’s tattoo art. For women, there are also several different styles that look great on a woman’s body.

One of the more popular kinds of tattoo art for both men and women is the Gear/Wheel combination. Like the gears and wheels mentioned above, this design is very old in origin. This design is most often seen on the backs of men and women. Most of the time, the person’s hands and arms are covered with these kind of tattoos, although they can be found all over the human body.

Butterfly Tattoos As Favourite Of Women

Butterfly tattoos have always been among the most popular choices for women, although they are becoming a little less popular as butterfly tattoos for men. However, when a woman chooses butterfly tattoos, she can choose from hundreds of designs. While many of the designs are based on the natural beauty of butterflies, there are also lots of modern and unique designs for her. Some of the designs are based on Greek mythology or the designs of butterflies from other cultures. There are also tribal butterfly tattoos that look amazing. There are plenty of tribal designs that are traditional.


As you can see, there are so many different choices for people to choose from when it comes to tattoos. Many people stick with the traditional butterfly tattoos, but there are also many new and unique tattoos that people are choosing nowadays. They may be based on a favorite insect, an event that happened in their life, or something that symbolized something that was important to them in their life. Whatever their reason, there are plenty of unique butterflies for people to pick and choose from. So take your time, and look at all of your options before settling on any one butterfly tattoo designs.

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