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Temporary Tattoo Types And Everything You Should Know About Them

temporary tattoo types

What happens when you get a tattoo? A tattoo is a kind of skin modification where a particular design is made by inserting ink, dyes, and pigments. The ink is inserted into the skin’s dermis layer so that the pigment of the skin changes. The tattoo could be permanent or temporary. Various temporary tattoo types have different stay periods.

Temporary tattoos are chosen by the one who doesn’t want to go for the permanent ones. The main reason behind opting for temporary tattoos is that there is a lot of pain when you get a permanent tattoo, and of course, most of you don’t want that. Temporary tattoo types are best suitable for any purpose like parties, professionals, religions, etc. numerous tattoos are waterproof.

So let us discuss the most common temporary tattoo types. There are three kinds of temporary tattoo types:

● Press-on Decal Custom Temporary Tattoos

● Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

● Henna Temporary Tattoos

People generally prefer henna tattoos over others. All of the three mentioned above allows for custom designs. There is no harm in getting temporary tattoos, and kids also get all of them. Press-on decal custom temporary tattoos are most common among the children as they are quick and easy to get.

1.Press-on Decal Custom Temporary Tattoos

A tattoo on a persons hand

Decal temporary tattoos can last for 24 hours to 2-3 weeks. It all depends on the kind of tattoo you are using and at what place you are placing it. These tattoos come in a large variety, and also you can customize them according to your requirement. The tattoo is covered with a protective film so that the tattoo lasts for a longer duration.

The application of this kind of tattoo is the simplest. Usually, kids prefer decal tattoos.

2.Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

A tattoo on a persons hand

Airbrush temporary tattoos are creating buzz these days. As it is pretty much clear from the name, this tattoo is like body paint. These tattoos are easy to remove, and one can also customize it according to requirement. For removing this temporary tattoo, you only need some alcohol, and you need to rub it on your tattoo, and you are done. They are comparatively time taking a bit complicated to apply. The stencil is placed at a desirable place on your skin, and an airbrush is applied evenly all over your skin.

3. Henna Temporary Tattoos

Last but not least, henna is the most popular kind of tattoo. It lasts for more than 2-3 weeks. Henna in Asian countries is considered auspicious and indeed used for ceremonial purposes such as weddings. Henna is drawn free handed according to your desired design. A trained person can make any henna tattoo.

Precautions While Getting Temporary Tattoos

However, there is no risk of getting temporary tattoo types, but you should still be cautious. If you have sensitive skin, always take a patch test first. Avoid the things that are not good for your skin. Take proper safety measures and enjoy tattooing.

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