Tattoo Type Fonts - What They Mean -

Tattoo Type Fonts – What They Mean

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However, not all fonts are created equal. And when you use one for more than one tattoo, you may find that it loses its effectiveness in deciphering what the letter is next to read. This makes it important for you to be aware of the different types of tattoo fonts that are available to you so that you can make an educated decision as to which one you will use in your tattoo. The following article is going to go over some of the most common tattoo fonts that you can find when shopping around online or in tattoo parlors.

Old English Tattoo Fonts

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Old English is probably the most popular typeface for lettering. The reason for this is because it is usually associated with the English and American culture and has an easy feel to it. As such, there are a lot of people who are drawn to it. Old English typeface is usually based on an upper or lower case g (a e, and r, s) and sometimes includes a few’s at the beginning or the end. It is usually seen as a classic typeface and is used for a variety of things from the book cover lettering to invitation cards.

Gothic is another popular font for tattoos. It is known for being very distorted and hard to read. In fact, many tattoo enthusiasts actually combine Gothic lettering with other types of lettering to make something new and unique. For example, a cross is one Gothic element that is commonly combined with other elements such as skulls, roses, flames, and other flowers. It is usually used as a decorative element for tattoos that have a dark theme.

Japanese Font

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Japanese is another popular tattoo typeface. It has a very smooth and calm feel to it. Many people who get a Japanese tattoo will usually base the lettering on a phrase or word that they want to say. For example, if you were planning on saying, “I love you,” you could have the phrase or word to appear in the tattoo as your lettering. It can be a phrase or word repeated in many different fonts.

Other than the previously mentioned fonts, there are also some other kinds of fonts that can be used in tattoo creation. These include scripts and calligraphy. Scripts are the most widely used of the fonts mentioned. A script tattoo can be very ornate or simple. In fact, any kind of lettering you would like can be placed on the body in a script tattoo.

A calligrapher is a type of person who creates calligraphy letters for tattoo creation. These letters are usually made from thin lines of rice paper. The main goal of a calligrapher is to make the final product as pleasing to the eye as possible.

Indian Ink

Another font that can be used in a tattoo is called India ink. India ink is created using ink taken from dried perspiration of an Indian bather. It looks great when used in tattoos because it has a unique color. The color of India ink may be black, blue, green or red. Many people who have tattoos say that they got them because of their favorite artists or because of the colors that were used. No matter what tattoo type you choose, the font will always be important.


If you don’t know what kind of tattoo font you should use for a certain tattoo, you could ask a tattoo artist or someone with tattoos to help you out. This person may even be able to suggest a font specifically for that type of tattoo. Make sure that you research the font before you get it. There are many great resources for that research. Take advantage of it.

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