Tattoo Needle Types for Newbies in Tattoo Art

tattoo needle types

Whether you are new to experts, understanding tattoo needle types is very useful in the tattoo business. It helps in giving you the best shots and designs. Read on to ease your difficulties. Get an idea of different types to please your customers.

Knowing about tattoo needles is the most basic thing. It is expected of you to get them right. One can have quite a hair-pulling experience when they do not have a proper guide to it. Here are all the types of needles that you would find useful for different purposes.

The Different Tattoo Needle Types That A Tattoo Artist Needs To Know

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Mainly, there are six tattoo needle types that you need to be aware of. These are based on different shapes and sizes and groupings.

Round Liner Needles In Round Pattern

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As they are given a round pattern, it allows a very clean lining work. You can choose the thickness in a range from 01-14, and work with the same. Once you dip it in ink, only a small amount jets out. All kinds of dot work, lettering, intricate –bold, geometric art, etc. are possible with this liner.

Shading, Filling Tattoo Needle Types

Round Shader

These needles are quite similar to the round liner ones. It is one of those needle types, where pins are not held very close. Thicker lines can be painted with a round shader. Hence, it serves best for color filling as well as basic shading. Uses of the round shader are lettering, traditional, neo-traditional, etc.

Magnum Shader

Magnum Shader does most of the shading work. For areas requiring color pack work, this needle works the best. This shader holds and gives away a lot of ink. With fewer passes, it fills in more area, causing less pain to the customers.

Soft Magnums Or Round Magnums

It also goes by the name of Curved magnum shaders. In such shaders, the pins curve at the center. It runs in tune with your skin causing less damage to the skin. More compatible in making lines, soft shading is possible with this needle set.

Double Stack Needles

A magnum shader with many pins helps you give the complex shading but with no spread out. Pins on these are put together very tightly than others.

Flat Shader

These are shaders that are commonly used for lining work. When you want to put more ink for clear and darker lines, you can use flat needles. One stroke and thick lines are done. For example; Mandala art, geometric patterns are good to go with these needles.


Knowing the size, shape, gauge, and needle type are important and time-taking in the tattoo world. With a lot of trials and errors comes the understanding of tattoo needle types. Now that you have a brief idea, you can practice and make your customers happy.

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