Small Hip Tattoos For Women |

Small Hip Tattoos For Women

Small Hip Tattoos Ideas For Women

Tattoos are amazing. We all know that they are a bold medium of self-expression and aesthetics. However, hip tattoos exploit another feature of tattoos. Tattoos are the best way to allure and highlight parts of your bodies. Men tattoo their arms to highlight their muscles. So, why not highlight your figure with a tattoo? Hip tattoos are perfect for people who don’t want to be too flashy with their ink. They can only be seen by one’s most loved ones and their affectionate partner. So why not spice things up — while also making sure only you and people you trust can see this tattoo — through tattooing one of these small hip tattoos onto your body? 

Small Hip Tattoos Ideas

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Small Hip Tattoos For Women

The hip area is essentially the part where the upper torso is joined with the lower part of the body. That is to say, this area is extremely private and delicate. Its delicateness makes this a perfect canvas to tattoo something sensual and vulnerable.

Phonetic Small Hip Tattoos

Everyone tattoos word onto their body and hips. Be it a word you feel close to, or a word that always makes you laugh. Perhaps, it could even be a word which helps you keep calm or grounded! However, with it’s increased popularity, simple words can seem very basic. Spice things up! Instead of simply inking yourself with a word, ink your hip with a phonetic of that very word! Phonetics are aesthetic and profound.

Flower Jewellery

Shows the beauty of nature. Perfect for people who love nature. By comparing nature to jewelry, it shows you how nature is gold. Literally. The detail on the jewelry and flowers are simply perfect. It adds a sort of elegance into the picture. Lastly, best of all, this tattoo is extremely simple and small. Flower Jewellery tattoos are the pinnacle of small hip tattoos.

Lion Headdress

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Small Hip Tattoos For Women

This tattoo is bold. Remind yourself that you are a wild spirit. You cannot be contained. Use a lion headdress to remind yourself every now and then just how powerful you are. Make the lion your spirit animal with this tattoo. This tattoo has a lot of great detail involved in it too.

Matching Small Hip Tattoos

Get a matching hip tattoo with your boyfriend and/or best-friends. Show your love for each other through tattooing an inside joke, name or symbol in the most erogenous and or vulnerable part of your body. Several celebrities have hopped on this trend too!

Rose Hip Tattoo

The details of the rose and its’ sheer simplicity makes this perfect for the hips. Just like the hip… this rose is delicate and simply beautiful. Not to mention, roses are extremely romantic flowers and tattooing it on your hips is one of the most romantic and sensual things you can do!

Colourful Rose Hip Tattoo

One tattoo is good. Multiple is better. Instead of getting a single solitary flower, why not get a whole damn bouquet? Tattoo a bouquet of your favorite flowers. This kind of hip tattoos tends to be especially colorful. So have fun with the colors. Remember, brighter the colors, the flashier your tattoo gets. Make sure you find the perfect balance between flashy and simple tattoos.

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