Two Fantastic Unique Ideas For Crystal Skull Tattoos -

Two Fantastic Unique Ideas For Crystal Skull Tattoos

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The skull is perhaps one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. It is also one of the oldest. It has an ominous look, reminiscent of death. But being aware of mortality can be a celebration of life to come. Many have heard about the new life’s first lease on life. If you view death as a natural progression of life and befriend it, you might find yourself living life to its fullest.

Skulls have always been associated with death, but there is more than just one interpretation for this macabre image. In Greek mythology, the god of death, Bacchus, was also known as Bacchus the Younger. Many people today interpret this to mean that Bacchus was not born of a mortal, but rather immortal. The Greek word for immortality, demos, literally means “that which is immortal,” so this imagery certainly has more meaning than many people give it credit for. 

Signifiers Of Death

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Another interpretation is that the skull and crossbones are signifiers of death. Many early pirates were pirates because of their association with death and darkness. Some pirates were even mummified following their death. The skull and crossbones tattoo are often featured on the chest, but it can also be applied anywhere on the body to signify a death-signature or to signify affiliation with a group, pirate crew, or movement.

For the religious pirate, the skull and crossbones tattoo are another way to connect to their religion. They often wore a skull ring, brace, or anklet to symbolize their connection to the devil. Believing that death was symbolized by the skull, they sought to emulate the devil and wore skull jewelry, beads, rings, and other accessories. It was said the eyes of a pirate would pop out when they died, therefore, they were constantly looking for new ways to kill others.

A Way For Their Souls To Escape To Heaven

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For modern times, the skull and crossbones tattoo can mean a person is a pirate or at least one who has fought against the law. The tattoo also represents death, which pirates did not like in their afterlife. This symbol was a way for their souls to escape to heaven.

Some of the most well-known tattoos in the tattoo world are the grim reaper and the angel tattoo. These two images are often combined, however; the grim reaper often appears as part of a full angel tattoo, and the angel may have wings. In modern times, both of these images are used as design elements for tats. People who have grim reaper images inked onto their bodies are often people who have passed over to the realm of the afterlife.

The Skull And Crossbones

One of the most famous of all skull designs is the skull and crossbones that are featured on so many tattoo paintings. Many famous artists and tattooists have the skull and crossbones as the main tattoo image. However, there are other paintings that feature the symbol in a different form. For example, some paintings feature an animal with a skull for a body part, while some feature what looks like a skull being bashed into the ground.

No matter what the artist or tattoo designs, it’s clear that skulls and crossbones tattoos are still popular. Whether you choose to get a small skull tattoo, a large cross, or something new, you can get an interesting look that says something about your personality. When combined with other designs, these tattoos can really make your tattoo one that stands out from the rest.

A Classic Symbol From Religion

The grim reaper tattoo is actually a classic symbol from religion. It represents the pain and suffering that the soul experiences before being delivered into heaven. It typically features the reaper sitting between two pillars, sometimes representing the two different stages of heaven. A tattoo of this design usually incorporates the idea of the grim reaper being a messenger, carrying bad news from one life to the next.

Some people choose to have a single grim reaper tattoo, or get two inked onto their body. The double grim reaper is a unique tattoo that has two mini gates, representing the gates of hell. There are other tattoos with the grim reaper that incorporate different images, but the two that are most common are the typical black and white images that you might see on many websites.


Skulls and crystal skulls are some of the most popular and strongest symbols in the tattoo world. The strength and symbolism behind them are as strong as any other design that can be found in the tattoo world. If you are looking for an awesome, powerful, and original tattoo, skull and crystal skulls are definitely a great place to start. You can find unique tattoo designs like these, along with many more, all over the internet.

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