Roses Should Be on Your Shoulder Or Lower Back -

Roses Should Be on Your Shoulder Or Lower Back

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Black rose tattoos can have a very deep meaning for some people. The color black has been associated with mourning and death for centuries. There is a very strong association when you have black roses as tattoo designs.

There is a long standing tradition in many Eastern cultures of having a pretty red rose as a symbol of love and romance. There was the Greek rose which was used to symbolize the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Roman lovers would put a red rose in a basket and carry it down to their beloved’s door or gate. This was a symbol of endless love. The Chinese would use the symbol of love and flowers to make amulets for protection in times of danger.

An Overview

A close up of a flower

Black roses are cool no matter what color they are. You can have them in any color you want but they look even better when in black ink. Black rose tattoo designs are so versatile you can have many different styles and get them in all kinds of places on your body. Your arms, lower back, shoulders, legs and even your ankle or foot. The cool thing about black roses is you can have one inked on each of your knuckles, on your index finger, middle finger, ring finger and even your thumb.

Some women like to have their black roses tattooed on their wrist. They will put the red one right on their left wrist and the black one on the right. This makes a very cool bracelet design and something that is pretty easy to change in case you lose either one. A lot of girls like to add the heart or the name of their significant other to the artwork, to really show off the meaning of their tattoo. With this awesome tattoo design you have the best of both worlds.

Black Rose Tattoo Facts

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Another cool idea for a beautiful roses design shoulder tattoo is to have them arched on your shoulder. The black rose is always a favorite but this time round you will have a row of black and grey roses arched on your shoulder. This is a great idea because it will make your arm look longer and slimmer. This is also a very sexy look so if you are a woman looking to boost your sex appeal then this is the tattoo for you. Just be sure you wear a tank top underneath to camouflage the arched shoulder tattoo.

Of course with arched roses you can never go wrong with white roses. These are very traditional and the classic look is black and white but this time with grey roses shoulder design. If you are the classic woman then you know your white roses are always in perfect bloom but with this new black and grey look, you will have more than enough color to choose from. Just be sure you don’t get a tattoo that is too big because these designs tend to be big as well.

You can have these designs tattooed anywhere on your body but some of the most popular places include the shoulder, lower back, ankle, chest, upper arm, buttocks, thigh, and rib cage. The black rose is such a classic tattoo that it is always a great choice no matter where you get it on your body. Even if it’s on your shoulder or your lower back it will be a very visible tattoo design. It’s just like having an elegant woman tattooed on your shoulder. The fact that it can also be placed on another part of your body is very appealing to many women especially those who have tattoos on their whole body.

In The End

So you see black roses can be a great tattoo design no matter where they are. The black rose is a timeless and strong design that has stood the test of time. Even if you have other tattoo designs you will want to incorporate this one into your tattoo collection. They are timeless and will never go out of style. The black rose tattoo design is a great female tattoo design for tattoo fans of all genders. They are strong and bold enough to stand out in any group of tattoos and stand out in the crowd.

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