Popular Tattoo Designs That Can Be Culturally Appropriative – Number 4 Is Actually Quite Disrespectful

Cultural appropriation of anything must be avoided at all costs. Taking something of cultural importance from one group of individuals and then turning it into something mainstream is a very serious offense as it strips away the identity of minority cultures. That extends to tattoos. There are so many seemingly harmless tattoo designs that actually have grave implications in terms of cultural appropriation. Here are some of those designs that you should be aware of.


Ganesha is the elephant-headed Hindu god. This symbol must be exclusive to the Hindus but somehow, a lot of non-Hindus have this tattooed on their skin or engrained on their various items. The image of Ganesha should be deemed more than just a pop culture icon or something to spruce up a somewhat boring design. The image should only be exhibited if the person who bears it is actually a believer in the first place.

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