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Name Tattoo Designs

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There are hundreds of tattoo designs that you can choose but the most loved one is the name tattoo designs. This tattoo design is very popular among people all around the world. You can go with your name or a person who is very special to you. You can also go with the beautiful calligraphy designs with small symbols to make it look more interesting and unique. Different types of tattoo inks like colorful ink, z-black ink, fluorescent ink, etc. can be used to make the tattoo look stunning.

Name Tattoo Designs Ideas For Women

Name Tattoo Designs - Some Amazing Ideas At Your Disposal
Name Tattoo Designs – Some Amazing Ideas At Your Disposal

The wrist area is one of the most favorite body parts where women can get name tattoo designs since it gets revealed quickly. One can either simply get a tattoo with a name or get the name or name initials inked along with several pictographic representations like heart, dove, butterfly, rose, etc. To make it more special, you can also add the date of birth.

In case, you want to try something more exotic, you can get the tattoo on your neckline which is in hot trends these days. 

Great Name Tattoo Designs Which Men Can Get

Chest Area

The chest is the best place where males can get name tattoo designs. It is because the chest area gives you ample space to make a tattoo of your choice with extravagant designs. You can go with big dramatic name calligraphy as this is very trending nowadays. 


Some people also use their back as a canvas to engrave captivating designs and write names of their children, spouse or parents. There are various designs which one can choose viz. Gothic, floral, family tree, crucifix, etc. Names with integrated designs are in hot trend and you can even get your name entangled with his or her name which gives it a more complex but eye-catching look.


Name Tattoo Designs - Some Amazing Ideas At Your Disposal
Name Tattoo Designs – Some Amazing Ideas At Your Disposal

Biceps in another body part where most of the males love to engrave a tattoo of their choice. You can either engrave a tattoo throughout the circumference of your biceps or can take it either in or on the periphery. One of the hottest designs which one can get is crucifix with a rosary. 

Things To Consider Before Getting Name Tattoo Designs


It is very important to consider the reason for which you are getting a tattoo in the first place. Then you are required to choose the font for the name and design. Some of the fonts signify rebel while others advocate for love and affection. In case, you want to engrave tattoo with the name of your closed ones, you are supposed to use fonts which have a pleasing look and it is even required to use light and beautiful colors which are the signs of love and affection.

Area Of Tattoo Engraving

Choosing the body area where you want to get the tattoo is very essential. Specific name designs are suited for different body parts. In case, you just want to ink the name of your beloved in a stylish font, you can choose forearm or wrist. Furthermore, extravagant styling is suited for chest, back or abdomen area. Here, artists get you big designs and write the name in the most embellishing ways possible.

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