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Trending Pretty Tattoos

Latest In Trend Pretty Tattoos To Decorate Your Body

Nowadays, the craze for having tattoos on the body has increased and people are having fun in decorating their body with pretty tattoos. People can get tattoos in different designs and patterns having cultural importance or what suits their personality. One can also get huge tattoos to create a bold statement On the other hand, it also acts as the best solution to hide the body scars and feel more confident.

Pretty Tattoos In Trend


Latest In Trend Pretty Tattoos To Decorate Your Body
Latest In Trend Pretty Tattoos To Decorate Your Body

You may love having a floral tattoo but you can make it more special and attractive by giving it an x-ray effect. It can make any design look elegant and beautiful. These tattoos are concerned with transition and shading. Therefore, you should get them inked only by the experts. Some of its examples are gladiolus, lotus, Virgo constellation, ankle tact, etc. 

Barbed Wire Tattoo

This tattoo comprises of a combination of various symbols having different meanings. This is one of the pretty tattoos that symbolize strength, faith, love, broken heart, etc. You can have it around your wrist or biceps.

Pretty Tattoos For Fine Line Face

These tattoos are perfect for people who want to have a bold statement. These pretty tattoos are generally small and monochrome. Therefore, they give you a delicate look. These tattoos are made with round liner needles. For example, 3RL, which is a three-round liner and consists of three needles. These are less painful and don’t give much stress to your body. As a result, they do not require much time to heal. 

Disney Tattoos

People love Disney movies and they immensely get influenced by its endearing characters. Some famous characters include snow white, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, jasmine, and others. Some of its pretty tattoos trends include:

  • Going down the rabbit hole: this is a minimalist tattoo made using black ink. It shows the journey of Alice into the wonderland.
  • Geometric Minnie mouse with a bow: This tattoo has a geometric design made inside the outline of the head of Minnie mouse. The red bow adds to its attractive look.
  • Disney castle: If you have visited Disney land or if you have seen it in movies, you will love to have a colorful castle as a tattoo. Warm colors are perfectly blended in this tattoo. 
  • Stuck in a bottle: It looks like a sketch-tattoo that is drawn on a paper. This tattoo shows that Alice has drunk a bottle of potion due to which she has shrunk in size and caught inside the bottle. 

Pretty Tattoos For Jawline

Latest In Trend Pretty Tattoos To Decorate Your Body
Latest In Trend Pretty Tattoos To Decorate Your Body

Nowadays, face tattoos are trending and for the face tattoo lovers, jawline tattoos are the best option. You can get these tattoos in different styles and on different parts of the face like under the chin, on the cheeks and sometimes it can extend up to the neck. 

Color Realism Micro

It is a perfect art style which can capture the realistic colors of the objects. Rich and bold colors used in it give an incredible sense of depth. It is because of the depth and detailing that you should get it inked by a skilled artist.

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