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Compass Tattoo

A compass tattoo is an excellent choice, because it represents something that’s very important to people all over the world. The compass is said to have been used by the sailors long ago, as well as the Native Americans. A compass tattoo can represent a lot of things, such as navigation, and can also be representative of a certain place or era. No matter what you want to symbolize with your compass, it’s a great idea to find the perfect tattoo.

A compass, like most of the objects it was originally made out of, has been around for many years now. For much of that time, the maps for the compass and the compass rose tattoo were the top domain of the seafaring people who were after more intricate tattoos for a variety of different reasons. Some sailors found the idea of a compass was a good way to navigate to their destinations. It could tell them where to go, and how far away they were. That’s not to say, though, that they only used the compass for that reason, it’s more of an explanation for why a compass has a good place in the body art tradition.

Compass Tattoo Ideas
Compass Tattoo Ideas

Compass Tattoo Design

Now, a compass can be used as a sign of a certain direction. But it’s also commonly used as a compass tattoo. Some of the most popular designs are of a compass with three different directions, or it can be in a fixed position, either vertically or horizontally. Either way, this type of design will have its own purpose for some people.

The compass has a lot of meanings, and is used all over the world. But there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be seen as much more than just a symbol for direction. A lot of the different types of compass designs have very interesting stories behind them. For example, there’s the compass that appears on the back of a sailor’s shirt, which means that he’s headed west. There’s the compass that’s shown to the right of the sun, which means it’s about to rise.

Arrow Pointing Down Compass Tattoo

Another one of the most common types of compass tattoos is the one that shows an arrow pointing down, which means that the sailor’s heading to port. You could also see a compass that points north when facing west, while a compass pointing south when facing north.

There are many different styles and designs of a compass. A lot of times, people will choose to have a simple compass showing an arrow, while other designs will show an arc. and the direction of their destination. Others will use a symbol for the sun to show their path.

Colors For Tattoo

The way the colors are used in a compass design can help to make the design stand out, as well. While a lot of people use dark reds and purples, and other light, pastels, reds and greens also make great choices. Red and green can stand out a lot better, depending on what part of the globe they’re located on.

With the different options, you can find just about any kind of design you want, no matter what you want. If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo design, be sure to do some research first, because there are a lot of designs that have been used and proven to be popular for some time now.

If you don’t want to be limited by what’s already available. Don’t be afraid to be creative and get some tattoo designs that aren’t exactly what’s on the market right now. A lot of times, the designs that are out there are being used so often that it may be hard to come up with your own unique, original idea.

Compass Tattoo Design
Compass Tattoo Design


When it comes to getting a compass tattoo, don’t settle for anything less than something that you truly like. Getting something that you’ve wanted for a long time is always going to be a better idea than settling for something else.

As long as you follow the directions mentioned, you should end up with something that you love. Inked on your body. Be sure to take care of your tattoo with plenty of moisturizer and protection before and after your tattoo. So it doesn’t turn a horrible color or begin to peel off.

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