Finding the Right Memorial Tattoo Design For Your Loved One -

Finding the Right Memorial Tattoo Design For Your Loved One

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Some have strong religious connotations, while others are more whimsical. You can also get memorial tattoos for a variety of other reasons such as completing a cycle of life, or going through a life-changing event like graduating from high school or being married. No matter what reason you have, finding a great memorial tattoo design that fits you is not difficult at all.

Pick An Important Religious Symbol.

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The first tattoo memorial design, we will discuss will suggest that you should pick an important religious symbol. Some examples are: Jesus, a cross, the star of David, or any other symbol of Christianity. Regardless, of to what religion you subscribe to, you definitely should have its mark on your body and the simple name of the deceased engraved on it. You can get a memorial tattoo design for about any religion or idea you want.

The second popular memorial tattoo idea would be angel wings. Angel wings can be found just about anywhere, including books, movies, and figurines. You can also have the wings tattooed on other parts of your body, but angel wings are usually the preferred placement. This is another way to have a lasting memory of your loved one, or at least a glimpse into their colorful personality.

Third Popular Memorial Tattoo Idea

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A third popular memorial tattoo idea would be to have a portrait of your loved one inked onto your body. Now, here’s a little trick to make this idea work best if you have a picture of your loved one. Instead of having your picture readymade, why not have it digitized? There are a number of websites online that offer free printable images. Once you find one you like, download it to your computer, and then you can simply print it out and frame it. Or, if you happen to already have a picture of your loved one, simply save it onto your computer and then print it out.

Finally, there are memorial tattoos that just say, “You lived life so much.” Often these will be done in a way that is similar to a gravestone. If you choose to have a headstone put in where your loved one once resided, it is important to choose a stone that is granite. Marble or any other stone surface will work, but granite is the best choice. These types of memorial tattoos are actually quite beautiful.

Choose Angel Wings

Most people choose angel wings because that is what they remember most about their loved one. Maybe they went to a place where you could see angel wings and that is what drew them to this place. Perhaps they saw it as a sign from heaven. Whatever the reason is, having angel wings as part of a memorial tattoos is a wonderful idea. The angel wings can either be drawn in by hand, or they can be purchased ready-made for a quick and painless design. After all, we all want to have an angel wing tattoo design to look at when we get that familiar feeling inside.

Bottom Lines

No matter what style of memorial tattoo you decide on for your loved one, make sure that you do some research. memorial tattoos can be difficult to find, especially online. If you do some checking around on the internet, you will be able to find a great tattoo artist who specializes in this type of design. This will make a huge difference in the quality and design of your tattoo and will ensure that your loved one has a beautiful, unique design that is right for them.

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