Finding Great And Awesome Dragon Tattoo Ideas -

Finding Great And Awesome Dragon Tattoo Ideas

dragon tattoo ideas

Dragon Tattoo Ideas are extremely strong symbols, particularly in Asian culture. Westerners have adopted the dragon as a symbol of many things: evil, danger, and darkness. While in the West, the dragon tattoo often represents danger, evil, and darkness, in Asian cultures, the dragon tattoo is about power, strength, and a person’s unrelenting will to overcome hardship. The dragon can also symbolize a person’s transition from childhood to adulthood.

Positive Energy

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The dragon tattoo ideas in this article represent the positive energy that can be found throughout many Asian religions and philosophies. A number of the inked images represent good luck, health, happiness, and prosperity. For example, the Celtic cross tattoos represent a person’s love of the Celtic tradition and their love of the almighty God. This dragon tattoo idea in particular symbolizes the concept of the almighty Buddha, as well as the fact that there is no set path in life, the only constant development towards enlightenment.

Awesome Ideas

Dragon Tattoo Ideas come in many different forms, both tattooed and natural. For example, the Cherokee dragon tattoo is a beautiful, natural representation of the great warrior god of the Cherokee Indian tribes. In Chinese culture, dragons represent power, strength, and an endless cycle of growth and rebirth. Dragon tattoos are also popular among practitioners of the Ninja Families.

Japanese Style Artwork

If you are a person who loves Japanese-style artwork, you may want to start with koi dragon designs. Oji characters are the most commonly used in Japanese fantasy art. Koi fish are representative of friendship and good fortune in Japanese culture. You can use koi dragon ideas from this Japanese-style drawing to make a unique tattoo design. This will give you a great-looking piece of ink that can be a great addition to your body.

Maces And Helmets

Another one of the most popular dragon chest tattoo ideas is the Maces and Helmets. These images have been a part of history for thousands of years. They are representations of valor and honor as well as protection from evil. Depending on where you choose to have your mace or helmet forged, you may find that you can have these items inlaid in gold or silver. If you choose this option, be prepared to spend quite a bit of money on this type of body art.


One of the most ancient symbols used to represent power and valor was the dragon. Dragons represent many different things to different cultures around the world. While most people associate dragons with evil and destruction, there are actually many good representations found in many mythologies around the world. So whether you’re getting a tribal dragon chest tattoo or some other kind, you’ll be sure to find lots of dragon tattoo ideas that you will be proud to wear for a long time and make it adventurous.

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