Cool Tattoo Ideas- Flaunt Them With Style -

Cool Tattoo Ideas- Flaunt Them With Style

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If you ask anyone about how cool tattoos are, no one will be in denial. Sometimes we think about getting the most fantastic tattoos, but we are hardly involved in the trending ones. If you want to have cool tattoo ideas, you should have a piece of proper knowledge regarding what is all trending. Right now, if you ask us, rip tattoos are something that people are flaunting every single day. Men and women are enjoying the tattoo on their ribcages, but most people are anxious about how hurtful it can be. Now that you’re ready to get some cool tattoo ideas, why not start with the basics?

Rib Cage Tattoos- Does It Hurt!

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Most people ask this question to the tattoo experts, and unfortunately, the answer is yes. It can be a pretty uncomfortable place when it comes to needle piercing, and most people do not have fat on their rib cage. The skin on the area is very theme, and it can get punched and scratched at the same time. The process is going to be a little bit more painful than your arms and legs, so you need to be prepared to tolerate it. For getting one of those rib tattoos, you should be able to pay at least $700 for a medium-sized design.

Now it’s time for you to get hold of some fantastic ideas so that you can implement them on your body. 

Angels And Demons

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Something as big as this can take about 8 hours, and the cost can be something around 600 to 700 dollars. The tattoo artist should we experience while doing some of these similar ideas, and you should be able to get a preview of what the final outcome will look like. You can also try some of the mythological characters like Medusa and Zeus belonging to Greek mythology because they will act as a symbol of power. 

Tiger Design

Indifferent to where you have this design, it will take a lot of expertise and time for the experts to complete the look. You will be able to feel every inch of the needle, especially if it is coming out in color. The tiger design is a symbolization of courage and strength as well as protection, and you will love to have similar ideas. If you like unique designs with symbol meanings, this is something you should invest in. 

Black Gothic Design

Most people like color tattoos, but it is beautiful to seed monochrome designs as well. Try to get the large monochromatic tattoos in a couple of sittings instead of a single one because it can be painful. Also, the artist will need a lot of decisions and expertise, so the more patient you are, the better will be the outcome.  


This is another excellent tattoo idea that you can have, symbolizing a bird or a butterfly. The best part is that you can choose the sizing according to your patients, and you can feel relatable to the content. If you are going to have a blackbird, it symbolizes power and wisdom and freedom of will. 


If you want to flaunt your tattoos with style, it is better to get them with proper meanings. It is not hard to find cool tattoos but make sure that the person is experienced. It is going to be a permanent marking on your skin, so you better be careful about using the perfect artist.

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