Best Tattoo Ink Brand Types That Professional Artists Use 

tattoo ink types

You should consider some factors before terming a tattoo ink as being ‘best brand’. Is the ink from a reputable manufacturer? Where is the company based? What ingredients constitute the ink; organic or chemical? Is the ink alcohol or water-based? Is it safe for you? Does the ink last long? Being a reputable brand is an important factor, among others. Hence, we’ve put together the best tattoo ink brand types used by professional artists.

Intenze Tattoo Ink

Established by Mario Barth in 1978, Intenze prioritizes safety. All products are mixed and packaged in a hygienic environment. Also, an independent biochemist lab sterilizes and asserts the quality of each bottle produced.

Intenze produces strictly organic, plant-based, tattoo inks. The company also complies with the American Safety Standard, ensuring products are quality and safe for users.

Over 250 shades of ink colors have been produced, each pushing to bring out the artistic talents of professional artists. Artists like Bob Tyrell make use of Intenze Tattoo Ink.

tattoo ink brand types
tattoo ink brand types

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi employs a secret formula to produce tattoo inks, one which has been passed down generations. The company is based in Japan and named after a historical Japanese warrior, Sumi Tangnuni, who had some tattoo-like markings on his body. 

Kuro Sumi produces organic (100% plant-based), safe and high quality tattoo inks. People with sensitive skins and vegans prefer Kuro Sumi products. With numerous positive customer reviews, Kuro Sumi prioritizes being consistent, and inks having unique and bright color palettes.

Millennium Moms Tattoo Ink

Mom’s Ink has been around for more than 2 decades. Millennium Moms produce tattoo ink products that are extremely bright, with rich color schemes that numerous professional artists have come to revere. Inks are also bold and long-lasting.

The brand takes measures to ensure products’ consistency, in terms of colors, pigment life and flow rate. Mom’s Ink has over 80 shades of ink color in production, one of which is the Mom’s Nuclear Colors known as the world’s best, safest and brightest black light sensitive skin.

best tattoo ink types
best tattoo ink types

StarBite Ink

StarBite tattoo ink brand is held in high regard in the USA. Since its inception in 1960, more than 150 color shades have been produced. StarBite produces products that are smooth, bright, fade-resistant, with consistent flow. Following all FDA guidelines, the company mixes and packages products in sterile conditions, certifying the products as safe to use. People prefer StarBite tattoo ink because it’s long-lasting, and easily absorbed by the skin.

Other tattoo ink brands used by professional artists include:

  • Bloodline Tattoo Ink,
  • Radiant Colors Tattoo Ink,
  • World Famous Tattoo Ink.


Choosing tattoo ink types to use as a professional artist is not an easy job. You have your reputation and your clients’ health in your hands. This is why we discuss some of the best tattoo ink brand types that exist in the market.

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