Best Tattoo Designs For Men 

tattoo designs men

For most men, getting a tattoo is an important rite of life. People generally view tattoos as cool ways to express one’s personality, masculinity, tribe or even prestige. Nowadays, deciding to get a tattoo is easy. However, knowing what design to get inked on your skin may be hard. This is why we’ve put together some of the best tattoo designs for men.

Animal Tattoo

It is common for people to have favorites among animals or be inspired by the attributes of certain animals. An example is the lion who inspires people with its dominance and strength. It therefore seems logical to get tattoos of animals that inspire you. Commonly done animal designs include those of the lion, bird, butterfly, wolf, elephant, and owl among others.

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are mostly done for their diagrammatic interpretations. The designs vary and each design symbolizes different tribes or social status. Ancient tribal tattoos and modern ones have some aspects in common; attention to details and the use of thick black ink. These tattoos look prominent when inked on the arm.

getting tattoo designs men
getting tattoo designs men

Cross Tattoo 

The cross is especially associated with Christianity to mean sacrifice, love and togetherness. It may also be used when mourning a loved one. There are, however, other ways to interpret the cross symbol. Hence, different cross designs exist. They are mostly detailed and may include other elements to elaborate the meaning.

Crown Tattoo

As widely known, the crown symbolizes royalty, nobility, honor, glory, and also power. It may also symbolize reaching one’s peak, the desire to do better, or even self-control. Various gangs utilize varying crown designs as representing symbols. A crown tattoo on your skin may also serve as a daily motivation; reminding you to keep working towards that success.

Skull Tattoo

Universally, the skull symbol signifies death, destruction, or danger. Skull tattoos have been around for ages, usually showing an individual’s toughness. However, when combined with other elements like a rose or serpent, the significance changes entirely, to love, beauty, or even secrecy.

sample tattoo designs men
sample tattoo designs men

Feather Tattoo

Naturally, birds soar high and above the sky. Getting a feather tattoo signifies freedom and success. It is especially common among men due to the significance. Feathers combine with other elements to give varieties of expressional designs and meanings.

Car Tattoo

Men generally have connection to cars, from the designs, the speed, to the making. It therefore comes as no surprise that men love having cars tattoos on their skins. Car tattoos are extremely colorful, attractive and expressive. They go a long way to reflect an individual’s personality.


Deciding to get a tattoo done is easy, but deciding what design to get is not. Varieties of designs exist such that choosing just one may prove difficult. We discuss some of the best tattoo designs for men above to ease your decision-making.

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