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Best Tattoo Design Ideas

Nowadays, tattoos are a no brainer — they look attractive and are the most creative form of self-expression! Like photography, tattoos are a way to capture memories forever and pay a permanent tribute to something. Use tattoos as a way to remind yourself, and others, who you are. However, it is important to remember… only go for the best designs. Your body only has so much space for tattoos; you don’t want to wake up one day regretting your tattoo. Remember, while tattoos may be aesthetic and creative… they are permanent! To make sure you only get the best of the best, here are some of the best tattoo design ideas we have rounded up. Get one of these tattoos and make sure you won’t have a hinge of regret. Ever.

Best Tattoo Design Ideas For Shoulders

Despite what you might think, shoulders are in reality perfect zones to get a tattoo on. They look extraordinary well on everyone. Both women and men. Moreover, shoulder tattoos come in a wide range of sizes. Additionally, due to it’s increased popularity, shoulder artists have a wider range of styles and techniques than any other kind of tattoo artists. So why not get a meaningful, aesthetic and profound tattoo on your shoulders! Here are some of the best tattoo designs to inspire you!

Best Tattoo Design Ideas

Best Tattoo Design Ideas

Heart Shoulder Tattoo

The heart shoulder tattoo is an all-time classic. The heart has a botanical and adornment effect. Tattoos at the back of the shoulder make for a jazzy and incredible looking shoulders. Moreover, this tattoo idea is completely customizable. You can add a sword stabbing the heart. Or perhaps, have the heart have an abnormal hue. Best of all, you could add a label with your lover’s name on the heart too.

Aesthetic Wave Tattoos

Tattoos of waves are excellent and have a wide range of uses. Likewise, with any tattoo, this tattoo is symbolic and can have a deeper meaning. This tattoo could symbolize your adoration for the sea. Moreover, this tattoo could also represent your attitude and/or mental state of mind. This wave tattoo is truly one of a kind and aesthetic. The hues utilized in the structure of this tattoo are as unique as hell. You can customize the direction, size, and aggressiveness of this tattoo too. In any case, this can make for a wonderful looking tattoo.

Best Tattoo Design Ideas For Arms

Arm tattoos are arguably the most commonplace for tattoos, and that is no surprise. A Tattoo on your arms is the perfect way to highlight the muscles that you have put so much hard work into. Moreover, arm tattoos are bold. Unlike thigh tattoos, back tattoos, etc. people can see this tattoo everywhere you go.

Concentric Circles & Leaves

This alternating black and white tattoo showcases a detailed leaf and concentric circle. Concentric circles symbolize the themes and concepts of oblivion. Are you fascinated by the theory of knowledge? Are you into astronomy or nature? If so, this tattoo is perfect for you

Best Tattoo Design Ideas

Best Tattoo Design Ideas

Land Mass Outline

This simple ink tattoo is the outline of the entire world. This is possibly the best tattoo design for travelers. Make this into an interactive tattoo. Colour in the outlines of the country once you visit them. Perhaps, use this tattoo to encourage yourself to travel. Visit the whole world to get all the countries colored in!



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