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Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

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Despite arm tattoo design’s popularity there are several misconceptions about it. Remember, arm tattoos are different from an arm full of tattoos. Arm tattoos are a collection of small intricate designs which form a cohesive tattoo together. On the other hand, an arm full of tattoos is exactly what the name implies; an arm full of several individual tattoos.

Arm tattoos are arguably the most common place for tattoos, and that is no surprise. A Tattoo on your arms are the perfect way to highlight your muscles that you have put so much hard-work into. Moreover, arm tattoos are bold. Unlike thigh tattoos, back tattoos, etc. people can see this tattoo everywhere you go. And that’s badass. Moreover, arm tattoos can be easily covered. Going to a formal occasion? Simply wear full sleeve clothes and make sure no one judges you over your arm tattoo.

How To Pick Arm Tattoo Designs

Arm Tattoo Designs For Men
Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

First thing you should know is that arm tattoo is a commitment. It is a large tattoo which wont be removable. Moreover, it needs to be flashy but not too disturbing. You arm tattoo should convey strength and masculinity. Pick something spiritual and/or deep, so that every time you look at this tattoo (which will be often since it’s your arms) you get reminded of what you stand for. Maybe, get a tattoo related to your faith or someone affectionate from your life.

Choosing such a well balanced tattoo could be a daunting task. However, don’t worry! We have made it easier for you. Here are some things to keep in mind while trying to pick your arm tattoo.

Position Of The Arm

When it comes to arm tattoos, possibilities are endless. You can have tattoos up and down your entire arm-sleeves. You could choose to only ink one portion of your arm. Bicep tattoos, forearm tattoos, tricep tattoos. The sky is the limit. Additionally, you have to choose the arm you want to tattoo. Left or right? You must also consider how far you want your tattoo to stretch. Up till your pecs? Around till your back? 360 around your arm? Or only the front side?

Choose Your Tattoo Design

This is an important step. Make sure it is not a design that you will regret later. Arm tattoos are flashy and big. So, make sure you pick a tattoo which is “you”. That is to say, don’t try extra hard to conform to others or ride trends. Simply said, get a tattoo which is deep. A tattoo which does both, connect to you and looks amazing at the same time. Choose a bold design which is not too flashy but not too subtle either. Remember, this is an arm tattoo; you and everyone else can this at all times.


Arm Tattoo Designs For Men
Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Your Profession

Remember, while you may find arm tattoos cool. Some people still despise them. They are almost a taboo subject. If you are employed, make sure your employer doesn’t have any problems with them. If they do… still get the tattoo! just make sure to wear full sleeves during the work day; which shouldn’t be that hard to do. Moreover, remember your tattoos are a reflection of you, don’t ink yourself with something problematic and/or violent. People around you judge you based on your tattoos. Tattoos are an artistic representation of your identity.

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