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Amazing Tattoos For First Timers

Amazing Tattoos For First Timers

Choosing the perfect tattoo configuration is consistently the hardest activity. Remember, your tattoo ought to be uplifting and delightful in light of the fact that you need to live with it for the rest of your life. Whatever tattoo you choose to get, it’s crucial to find out about the significance behind it. While getting a tattoo it’s important to remember that it is going to be permanent. You cannot get rid of it; at least not without another expensive and painful procedure. You don’t want to wake up one time and hate yourself for getting this tattoo. This could be a daunting task, however, worry not! We got you. We have done diligent, comprehensive and extensive research into the best tattoo designs for first-timers. Here are some amazing tattoos for first-timers like you!

Amazing Tattoos For First Timers

Amazing Tattoos For First Timers

How Are Amazing “First Timer” Tattoos Different

Firstly, how should a “first-timer’s tattoo” be different from other ones? Well, it shouldn’t really be that different if you are 100% confident. However, if the only thing you know is that you want to get a badass looking tattoo, you need to take a couple of precautions. Make sure that your first tattoo isn’t too big. On the off-chance you hate it, the bigger the tattoo; the bigger the regret. So save yourself the pain and make sure your first tattoo is not too big. Not to mention, you only have so much canvas to work with. You do not want to exhaust all your skin and run out of places to tattoo on! Last, but not the least.

Remember, your tattoo shouldn’t be controversial or offensive. Everyone can see your tattoos. Make sure your tattoos don’t have an adverse impact on people’s perception of you. So, essentially, don’t get violent, offensive or controversial tattoos.

Some Amazing Tattoos


To where are they indicating? You are the only one who knows! get this profound wrist tattoo. Possibly, remind yourself every now and then that you are on an adventure. And that, in your life you only want to look ahead; not back at your regrets.

Spiritual “HE > i” Tattoo

This is the perfect tattoo for spiritual people. Every now and then we all need to be humbled and grounded, and this tattoo does exactly that. Remind yourself of your faith and the greater good every time you look down at this wrist tattoo. Through expressing the fact that “He” (God) is greater to “i” (you) is a powerful, yet, aesthetic way to subtly express your faith and spiritual beliefs through a tattoo.

Amazing Tattoos For First Timers

Amazing Tattoos For First Timers


The Latin Cross Tattoo Symbol

The Latin cross symbol is one of the most popular tattoos of all time. Event-though it’s origins lie with the Indians. This tattoo represents Latin culture and Christianity. However, you don’t need to be Christian to get a tattoo of this. It could be purely aesthetics too.

The Golden Ratio Tattoo

One of the most amazing tattoos for art and mathematic geek. This arm tattoo is sophisticated and simply amazing. The rectangle symbolizes the da Vinci code while the elegantly written number at the bottom is the golden ratio itself. This beautiful tattoo is super profound and is one of the most elegant mathematics/art concepts to date.

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