All The Reasons You Should Be Checking These Matching Tattoo Ideas -

All The Reasons You Should Be Checking These Matching Tattoo Ideas

matching tattoo ideas

Getting matching tattoos with a close friend or a loved one helps signify, solidify, and strengthen your relationship and bond with them. It’s a bold decision made by the two parties involved since it is a lifelong commitment that will always remind you of them even when you part ways, assuming that such unforeseen circumstances do occur in the first place, which most parties would deny ever occurring but it still is a leap of faith and trust nonetheless that only goes to show how much you may mean to each other romantically or platonically on public display for the world to see. However, for the ones willing to take said leap, here are a few matching tattoo ideas we believe you’d absolutely love and they are as follows. This article contains ideas for matching tattoos.

Matching Tattoo Ideas – Minimalistic Patterns

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Simple patterns are always the cutest and prettiest tattoos. However, it is better to be decisive about what you want before you walk into a tattoo studio so look for pattern designs on Pinterest or Instagram and customize it according to your liking if something about whatever you’ve already found irks you off. If you’re good with designing or drawing, you can always design a matching yet simplistic pattern by yourself from scratch. These patterns can even be inked with color and super-soft thin line arts for further accuracy if preferred.

Matching Tattoo Ideas – Half And Half Tattoos

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A design of a sun and moon, arrows pointing in opposite directions, two synonymous or matching words, the koi or yin and yang, a lock and key, and two heartbeat vibrations of varying wavelengths are a few examples of half and half tattoos. If you’re opting for something a little sillier, you can always go for the opposite party’s favorite fruits or animals and vice versa. These are some of the most popular tattoo formats you can find in couples and you can find them all over social media. Even then, if you want to have something unique, make sure you do your research and find out which works well for your relationship.

Matching Tattoo Ideas – Conjoined Tattoos

Conjoined tattoos like two halves of a butterfly, two halves of a heart, or anything else that may be of significance to both parties can be inked on wrists or feet so that when they are pressed together, they form one whole of two halves of the object that they decide to get inked. When it comes to conjoined tattoos, it is better to get something small and cute rather than big and flashy.


Feel free to be as unique as possible with your tattoo ideas so that your inks stand out from the rest of the crowd whilst carrying at least a little bit of significance to both parties, be it an inside joke or combined birthdays, as long as relevance somehow finds its way back to the parties involved especially for the first pair of matching tattoos that you decide to get with either your friend or lover.

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