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A History Of Phoenix Tattoo Design

phoenix tattoo design

The Phoenix tattoo is one of the best choices for those who like their ink to be very noticeable and stand out. The symbolism that is behind this type of tattoo can vary greatly from one person to the next. The rising and setting of the sun is a very common symbol in many myths and legends of the west and brings with it hope and new life. For this reason, the Phoenix tattoo design can be an excellent choice. Here are some ideas about this type of tattoo design and where you should look for good art.

These tattoos often include various images such as the bird’s wings spread out to the sides or the bill flapping in the air. The legs on these designs are usually very large and elaborate, especially if you prefer a colorful plumage for your tattoo.

Greek Mythology

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In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a bird that was eventually transformed into a much-loved and highly respected symbol of immortality. In particular, it is said to be able to change its form to that of a bird that is bright and colorful. The symbol of a brilliant bird spreading its wings wide and high is always very symbolic of hope and rebirth.

This hope springs forth from the Phoenix’s ability to fly far and wide, not unlike how people in the southwest have always reeled off trouble and moved forward. This, in turn, has been interpreted as the ability to live through some of the greatest hardships and come out on the other side stronger and more powerful than ever.

A Legendary Bird

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In various cultures and religions, the Phoenix is a legendary bird that is associated with numerous acts of heroism and great achievements. Often, this is what led to the story of how the mythical bird was transformed into a human, becoming the Phoenix that then grew into a child and became the greatest hero the world has ever known.

As you may well know, Phoenix tattoos are extremely popular among men and women. There is certainly a lot of symbolism in the imagery of a Phoenix rising from the ashes and soaring again.

Mythological Image

So, why is this such a favored design for tattoos? It has everything to do with the symbolism involved. If you look deeper into this mythological image via the internet, you will discover that there is actually a lot of evidence that shows the existence of Phoenix images long before the Christian era.

In fact, many ancient civilizations in both the east and west have used the symbol of the Phoenix as a symbol for their gods and holy places. Whether it be Egyptian art, Greek art or any other ancient culture, you can discover that the various depictions of the Phoenix give us deep and rich roots.

Excellent Choice Of Tattoo

This is certainly why the Phoenix is such a sought after tattoo design. The symbolic imagery of the flames and the vibrant colors of the ever-changing hues of the Phoenix makes it an excellent choice of tattoo.

The great thing about the Phoenix tattoo is the fact that it can be both viewed and admired by the people wearing it. Most of these tattoos can be seen easily from several feet away making them unique and interesting to gaze at.

Symbolize Rebirth And Everlasting Life

So, how exactly does this symbolize rebirth and everlasting life in Greek mythology? When the god of healing, Apollo revived a mortal by wrapping him in an eagle’s wings and left him to fly around the earth while carrying his almighty starry messenger, Pegasus.

The pair fell in love and the mortal was said to have lived a long and happy life in heaven. When the mortal expired and moved on to the realm of darkness, Pegasus flew up to meet his old friend Arvalus, who was also immortal. Together they worked to defeat the evil hydra, which was the cause of the first calamity that befell the world.


Another version of the story states that the phoenixes came from the ashes of Apollo’s ancestors. They were said to be the last of their kind and therefore immortal. With this legend in mind, it can be speculated that the Phoenix symbolizes a person’s long life, virtue and goodness, all derived from the Greek and Roman traditions. In modern times, the symbol of the Phoenix has been modified to include a bird that is part of the family of birds. The modern representation often includes the swallow, black-chinned grackles, or bluebirds.

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