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5 Incredible Galaxy Tattoo Design Ideas

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Most of the young generation today dreams of being an astronaut or doing space traveling. And many of us like watching the stars at night. It gives a kind of peace and relaxation. Well, the reasons for the obsession with space and galaxies are numerous. So for those who can’t travel to space but want to show their love for space, galaxy tattoo designs are created. The galaxy space tattoos are versatile. These galaxy tattoo designs are so well styled that they make one feel to be in another dimension. They have a specialty of having no boundaries or constraints for colors used, shape, and style made. For one who wants to feel and raise curiosity for the universe, from galaxies to constellations, the creative tattoo ideas are a great inspiration. 

Top 5 Galaxy Tattoo Designs 

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Wrist Galaxy Tattoo design for Youth

With an exclusive blend of different shiny colors, creating the incredible look of the solar system amazes one and gives a cool look. The tattoo artist has to play well with colors to make the tattoo come to life. The mix of blue inks and bright stars on the wrist adds a positive strength to it. 

Galaxy Tattoo Sleeve

You can think of having the galaxy tattoo on your sleeve if you want a dramatic effect. It displays a stunning galaxy made of bright and bold colors. The galaxy tattoo gives the advantage of adding variation to them like adding a name, adding a fairy, or you can get a tattoo of a lion with a galaxy tattoo design filled in it. 

Galaxy Chart Tattoo

Here is another appealing galaxy tattoo design that you may want to have on your arm. It includes the whole solar system with planets shown in their orbits. Every planet is designed beautifully using bright colors. It is always loved by those who believe in astrology and planets very much. 

Space Themed Galaxy Tattoo Design

The space-themed tattoo is most popular among men. Men usually get it on their chest to get a cool look. They also look lovely on the shoulders, giving them a broad texture. It requires high artistic skills for making a perfect space tattoo as outlines, line drawing, and color fills are sharp. The gray color shading is done to give it a 3D look as Sleeve Tattoos. 

Galaxy In Star Tattoo

As the name suggests, the image of the galaxy is fitted in the star. The outline of the star is shaded with gray to give it a 3D look. If the colors and shading are done properly, it looks like a star-shaped hole on your body that takes you to outer space when looked at. It is a perfect tattoo for small areas like the side of the arm, near the thumb, etc.


Galaxy Tattoo designs give an energetic and cool look to a person. They add positivity to your life if you believe so. They are a great expression of symbolic art on the body.

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