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4 Stunning Tattoo Design Ideas For Women

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A lot of people spend thousands of bucks to have the perfect tattoo. There is no denying that tattoos have always been a part of a trend. People love to get beautiful ink impressions on their skin. Few might not want to get a permanent one but there are often some who are looking for a  lasting design. The tattoo will stay for a longer time or maybe almost your lifetime. That’s why it’s essential to pick the right design. Here are 4 such impressive tattoo designs that you might want to try.

  1. Wolf Tattoo
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A wolf is a reminder of strength. They are trustworthy animals too. If you are more inclined to believe in devotion then a Wolf tattoo is a good choice. Wolfs like to look for their family. That can teach you to be unified in every circumstance. Moreover, the layout seems too great on the skin. This kind of tattoo is suitable for any gender as these qualities are universal. 

  1. Dragon Tattoo
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As the name suggests, it’s a dragon. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know about dragons. These imaginary creatures only live in stories or movies but they can be a source of motivation too. In every part of the world, these beings are perceived for their courageous hearts. Everyone wants a little bit of motivation, that’s why you may pick something inspiring and encouraging like dragons. 

  1. Heart Tattoo

Think about the quality that you or the person you want yourself to be. Heart tattoos are simple yet popular among both men and women. The heart is associated with love which is an important aspect of living. Nobody can live in isolation. We constantly need the support of our family and friends. Because of all these reasons, a heart tattoo turns out to be a great choice. Different colors represent different feelings due to that some people fill different colors.

  1. Butterfly Design 

Butterflies are equally beautiful to gaze at as a tattoo as they are in real life. The graceful wings are loved by many women. A lot of times wings also refer to freedom. They look extremely stunning yet simple. A prominent option that most of the women try. This one goes more with feminine personalities. You can fill the impression with colors for more effect.


Here are some amazing tattoo design ideas for tattoo enthusiasts out there. The ideas include a Wolf tattoo that reminds about unity and loyalty. Dragon Tattoo is pretty strong and symbolizes strength. You can also go for a motivational design. A heart tattoo may be a decent design. This one is one of the most well-known designs around the world. Butterfly Design for women with a more feminine side. The elegant wings are also a reminder of freedom.

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