10 Tattoo Ideas For Couples

tattoo ideas for couples

Couples show love and devotion in different ways; most common being the exchange of rings. Nowadays, the trend has changed. Couples now get tattoos that match, complement or complete the other. From quotes, emblems, to animals that best describe the relationship, there’s an array of options to choose from. We discuss 10 tattoo ideas for couples below.

Wine Bottle Pouring Into A Glass Cup Tattoo

Naturally, wine gets better with age. Each partner’s tattoo complements the other’s. One partner carries a ‘pouring wine bottle’ tattoo while the other carries a ‘glass wine filling with wine’ tattoo on their arms. When the couple brings each individual arm together, it gives a diagrammatic representation of a wine bottle pouring into a glass cup. It signifies a sweet and long-lasting relationship.

Twin Heart On Wrists Tattoo

Heart signifies the love a couple has for each other. Each partner carries a twin heart tattoo on the wrist to showcase the love for each other. You can get the tattoos inked on the wrist veins linking directly to the heart, to give uniqueness and extra significance.

‘LOVE’ On Hands Tattoo

When lovers intertwine hands in public, it is a bold declaration of love. What if there’s another way to signify this commitment?. Imagine the letters ‘LO’ tattooed on a partner’s hand and ‘VE’ tattooed on the other’s, such that when the couple intertwine their hands, the word ‘LOVE’ completes.

Circles Of Life Tattoo

Nothing screams devotion more than a couple carrying the circles of life illustration tattoo on their arms. Even though complete circles are done separately on each partner’s arm, it still gets the message of ‘family protection’ across.

Anchor tattoo ideas for couples
Anchor tattoo ideas for couples

Ship Wheel and Anchor Tattoo

One partner gets the ship wheel tattooed, and the other gets the anchor tattooed. The ship wheel signifies asking guidance from the other partner, while the anchor signifies being committed to guiding the relationship on the right path.

Super Mario Video Game Theme Tattoo

In the widely known Nintendo game, Mario dedicates his life to saving Princess Peach. Getting tattoos of each character by each partner signifies dedication and commitment to the relationship. It is a perfect couple tattoo.

Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish in marriage signifies happiness and harmony. Getting a pair of koi fish in a yin and yang design on each couple’s arm points to being happily-married.

Lock And Key Tattoo

The artist tattoos ‘lock’ on one partner, and ‘key’ on the other. This signifies that only that particular partner holds the key to the other partner’s heart. It points to a strong relationship.

Example of tattoo ideas for couples
Example of tattoo ideas for couples

Bow and Arrow Tattoo

The tattoo artists tattoos ‘bow’ on one partner, and ‘arrow’ on the other. Though simply designed, the complementing tattoo says a lot. It points to the power of strength, unity and togetherness, all present in the relationship.

Yin And Yang Design Tattoo

One partner gets the ‘yin’ tattoo, while the other gets the ‘yang’ tattoo. Yin and Yang complement each other with one being ‘the dark swirl’, and the other ‘the light swirl’. Together, the tattoos signify a strong relationship; one which can overcome any obstacle.


Many tattoo ideas are available for couples to choose from based on preference, and the strength of their varying relationships. To address this, we’ve put together 10 amazing tattoo ideas for couples.

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